Surroundings and tips for a trip

Bistro U Sumce

Bistro is located just 50 m away from Penzion Vědomice.
Bistro U Sumce is a sport recreational area in village Vědomice not too far away from Roudnice nad Labem.
Bistro U Sumce is located on a bike trail next to the river Labe and is certified facility for cyclists.
Bistro U Sumce has refreshing non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and food.
In the bistro you can play table tennis, russian skittles, chess, tennis, volleyball, football, train on the sports machines or work out at the outside gym.
Children are going to be happy at the playground in the shape of a boat, and for the smaller kids there are toys, a chalkboard, a golf field and bouncers.
At the Bistro U Sumce we hold children's day, concerts and days of fun - you can follow the upcoming events on our website or on our Facebook page for more information.
You can sit outside in the gazebo, in the Bistro or have a blanket on the grass.

Indoor swimming pool

The swimming pool is located only 200m away from Penzion Vědomice.

The swimming pool is newly renovated and has a big 50m pool, smaller pool for children with nozzles, bubble bath and a steam sauna seperate for men and woman.

You can find the opening hours of the pool at

Bike trail along river Labe

You can find the bike trail right in front of Penzion Vědomice. Routes to Štětí, Terezín, Velké Žernoseky, Ústí nad Labem, Děčín offer attractiveness appropriate for spending time with family and kids.

You can plan multiple-day trips to historical monuments or beautiful nature around.

Mountain Říp

Memorable mountain Říp is located 7km away from Penzion Vědomice.

They say every czech person should visit mountain Říp at least once in their life. When you walk all the way to the top you can see four seperate views of the surroundings around mountain Říp. You can visit rotunda sv. Jiří a sv. Vojtěcha that is at the top of the mountain since 1907.


Roudnice nad Labem

Approximately 1km away from Penzion Vědomice is a town named Roudnice nad Labem, which lies on the left side of the river Labe and it offers a lot of beautiful historical monuments. 

In the city, you can find a baroque castle, gallery of modern art, plenty of churches and chapels, gothic augustian monastery, a square with a fountain, statue of st. Laurels, gothic tower Hláska and a lookout tower where you can see a beautiful view of Czech central highlands.



A town on the confluence of river Labe and Ohře.

Litoměřice is an ancient center of viticulture and it has picturesque historical center, bounded by a big part of preserved gothic fortifications.

You can start your trip around town at the Peace square with a tour of the surrounding houses, museum with a historic cellar, a gothic castle with an interactive exhibition of Czech viticulture and fortifications which are surrounded by parts planted with vines.



Úštěk is the smallest urban conservation in the Czech Republic. The most valuable part of the town is the middle parts with a lot of preserved late gothic town houses which are declared a conservation area. There is a large pond Chmelař around the town, which is widely sought after for swimming in the summer months. The city often hosts historical and period fairs.



The town Mělník is not only the center of winery with a castle and a history center partly surrounded by walls. The most interesting thing is hidden underground, wheter it is the castle wine cellars, wine exhibition in the museum but also the city underground with a unique well or the ossuary under the temple of st. Pavla and st. Petra


During world war II.  town Terezín played a sad role - it became the biggest concentration camp on the Czech grounds.

Today the city is a big memorial, reminicing of the tragic fates of tens of thousands of Jews who went through the ocal concentration camp.

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